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Kvarner & Northern Dalmatia

Kvarner, a region located in the northern part of the Adriatic Sea, is rich in diverse nature, rich cultural heritage and delicious gastronomy. The islands of Krk, Cres, Lošinj and Rab are just some of the Kvarner islands and make this area extremely diverse, offering beautiful beaches, coves and untouched natural landscapes. The delicacy of the region is shrimps, which are often prepared on the grill, grilled or in combinations. Also, on the island of Krk, you can taste top quality prosciutto and cheese, and when visiting the island of Rab, buy a Rab cake. Kvarner is an excellent destination that satisfies the various interests and tastes of visitors, with a special charm during sailing on a yacht.

North Dalmatia, the region is located along the coast of the Adriatic Sea, which makes it an excellent location for visiting by yacht. Also, the region is rich in cultural heritage, beautiful islands, natural beauty and excellent gastronomy. Zadar and Šibenik are cities rich in history, with famous churches and cathedrals. On the island of Pag, you can taste Paški cheese, which is one of the most famous in Croatia. Considering the coast, fresh fish and seafood are an integral part of the gastronomic offer, North Dalmatia is also known for its delicious prosciutto. Enjoy a yacht trip through the crystal sea, sandy beaches and hidden coves of Northern Dalmatia.

Day 1


Krk, the largest Adriatic island located in the Kvarner Bay, is known for its diverse landscape, rich history and cultural heritage. Explore the narrow medieval streets of the city center and visit the Krk Cathedral and the Frankopan Castle. Some parts of the island are nature reserves or under special protection, which contributes to the preservation of biological diversity. The island of Krk has a variety of beaches, from pebbly to rocky, offering visitors various opportunities for relaxation and yachting. Some of the popular places include the beaches in Malinska, Njivice and Glavotok. Also, Baška bay offers a special experience of crystal clear sea and beautiful city center where you can find Bašćanska plata, an old stone with a Glagolitic inscription. Among the next attractions on Krk are the Plitvice Gardens. These are botanical gardens located along the coast and offer a beautiful setting and view of the sea, with rich flora and vegetation. For those who love cultural and historical attractions. Košljun is a particularly interesting island where there is a Franciscan monastery with a museum, a church and a library. Likewise, there is a special destination for tourists on the island of Krk in Omišlja. It is about the Biserujka cave, which extends 13 meters below the ground and 30 meters above sea level. Bones of a cave bear were found in the cave, and it abounds in rich cave decorations such as stalagmites and stalactites. Gastronomy on the island of Krk reflects the rich tradition of Mediterranean cuisine with an emphasis on fresh local ingredients such as prosciutto, olive oil, fish and seafood. Don't miss the opportunity to taste fresh razor clams from local farms.

Krk, Croatia
Krk, Croatia
Day 2


The island of Cres is located in the Kvarner Bay with a rich natural diversity and a preserved environment, such as dense holm oak forests, wild flower meadows, rocky coasts and beautiful beaches. Cres is characterized by typical Mediterranean architecture with narrow stone streets and charming squares. You can explore historic buildings such as the Cathedral of St. Mary and the Frankopan castle. Also, the historic town of Osor located on the eastern part of the island, which was once an important ancient settlement. Cres offers a variety of beaches, from pebbly to rocky. Mali Bok, Valun, Lubenice and Beli beaches - where the griffon vulture visitor center is located, are some of the places where you can enjoy the crystal clear sea while sailing on a yacht. In addition to natural beauty, enjoy the delicious cuisine that includes fresh seafood, olive oil, lamb, homemade cheese and other local specialties.

Cres, Croatia
Cres, Coatia
Day 3


Today, Mali Lošinj is the largest settlement on the island. The main star of this place is the Apoxyomena museum, which is dedicated to the famous bronze statue of the Greek athlete. It lay under the surface of the sea for about 2,000 years, and after a six-year restoration, it is exhibited in this fantastic museum. One of the most beautiful views of Mali Lošinj can be seen from the viewpoint of Providence. There is a 300-meter-long path where you can discover an interesting story on educational boards, and within Providence there is also a restaurant boasting 18 handmade tables. Enjoy local delicacies while watching the sunset. Mali Lošinj has a beautiful botanical garden where visitors can explore a variety of Mediterranean flora, including medicinal plants. It is also known for the charming part of the city with narrow streets and picturesque houses, as well as beautiful bays with clear sea and the Čikat promenade surrounded by wooded nature.

Veli Lošinj is a colorful town where a fragment of the past is frozen. The island's cultural treasure of baroque architecture is the church of St. Anton, which dates from the 16th century. Veli Lošinj, on the other hand, is known for its natural beauty. Pine forests, lush vegetation and beautiful coves make this part of the island ideal for nature lovers. Do not miss visiting the Blue World Institute, which is dedicated to marine research and protection, and there is the possibility of observing dolphins in their natural environment. The island of Lošinj as a whole attracts visitors with its combination of natural beauty and cultural heritage, as well as opportunities for relaxation and exploration with a safe anchorage for boats, offering a wonderful view of the surrounding islands.

Lošinj, Croatia
Lošinj, Croatia
Day 4

Rab & Pag

Rab - with its rich history, beautiful beaches and picturesque town, attracts visitors with its charming atmosphere. The old town of Rab is a medieval town with well-preserved city walls and historical monuments, the main features of which are the four bell towers that make it look like a sailing ship with four masts. Among the most famous beaches are Pudarica, Suha Punta, Paradise Beach and Fkk Kandarola. A traditional event held every year in honor of St. Kristofor, the patron saint of the island is the Rab festival. The festival includes a procession, medieval knightly games of Rapese crossbowmen and concerts. The streets resound with song and music while passers-by are offered tuna, fritters, cheese, wine, šulčići and other local products. The Rab Fair is held every year from July 25 to 27, and during the Fair the whole town returns to the past. The local population takes to the city streets, offering visitors a unique opportunity to see first-hand how the island's population lived in the 14th century. When we talk about gastronomy, it is mandatory to visit the House of Rab cake. The Rab cake is an original Rab dessert, created in the 12th century for Pope Alexander III. even today it is a favorite dessert on every festive occasion, and it is especially popular as a gift and souvenir. You can watch the traditional way of preparation live, in an original and authentic setting, and take home the flavors of tradition.

The island of Pag, known for its rich tradition. A very important industry of salt production is connected to it, the quality of which is known all over the world. Visitors have the opportunity to experience traditional production methods during a tour of the Pag Saltworks. Pag is also known for traditional Pag lace. This skill is passed down from generation to generation, and today Pag lace is recognizable for its precision and beauty. Also, on the island you can taste one of the most famous cheeses, Paški sir. The cheese is known for its quality and traditional production, which is characterized by the specific taste of Pag salt, which is used in the diet of sheep. Among other gastronomic offers, you can try beli sharp, a type of shellfish that is famous in this area, and is often prepared in delicious ways after the catch of local fishermen. In addition to the picturesque atmosphere of the island of Pag and the unique architecture of stone houses and streets, the island of Pag is also an island of fun. Zrće beach, a famous place in the world that bears the nickname of the Croatian Ibiza. It is a beach where the party lasts 24 hours. It includes a large number of night clubs where world DJs often perform. It also has various sports-recreational and entertainment content such as bungee jumping, jet ski, parasailing, cageball and wake-boarding. The island of Pag is an unmissable destination during a Kvarner trip on a yacht in the Adriatic Sea.

Pag & Rab
Pag & Rab
Day 5


Zadar is rich in historical and cultural heritage. The old town exudes ancient, medieval and renaissance architecture. Visitors can explore the Roman Forum, which is one of the most important archaeological sites in Croatia. Also, the church of St. Donata from the 9th century is one of the most famous symbols of the city as well as the Prince's Palace. An interesting attraction for visitors is the unique Zadar Sea Organ, an attraction that produces sound using the waves of the Adriatic Sea. This innovative musical instrument is located on the coast and creates melodious tones. Below them, 35 pipes of different lengths, diameters and inclinations are installed, which, when the waves push air through them, emit sounds. Since the sea is unpredictable in its waves, strength, power, tides and ebbs, so is the sea organ concert unique and unrepeatable. Another special experience of the city of Zadar is Greeting to the Sun. The installation, located next to the sea organ, consists of three hundred solar panels and lights up in various colors at sunset, creating an impressive experience. Of course, for visitors with a yacht, Zadar and the surrounding areas abound with beautiful beaches and coves on the coast of the Adriatic Sea.

Zadar, Croatia
Zadar, Croatia
Day 6

Telašica & Kornati

Telašica - Owing to its exceptional beauty, wealth and importance, this bay, surrounded by 13 islands and islets, and containing six islets within the bay, was declared a Nature Park in 1988. It received the status of a protected area in 1980 thanks to its extremely valuable plant and animal life. to the world, geological and geomorphological phenomena, valuable seabed communities and interesting archaeological heritage. The area of the Telašćica Nature Park is an area rich in contrasts, quiet and peaceful beaches and areas of cultivated fields covered with vineyards and olive groves, but also an area of degraded forms of vegetation covering dry habitats. This area also includes the salt lake Mir, which has a special ecosystem. Telašćica is one of the most unusual and natural areas on the Adriatic, ideal for lovers of nature, peace and quiet who sail by yacht.

Kornati is a group of about 140 islands. Islands and rocks, which makes it one of the most divided island systems in the Mediterranean. This archipelago was declared a national park in 1980. The Kornati National Park is a specially protected area with strict regulations on nature conservation. Visitors are obliged to respect the rules on environmental protection in order to preserve the unique ecology of the archipelago. Among the Kornati Islands, there are almost no islands with fertile soil, as the vegetation is mostly limited to low maquis and other adapted plants. This area is popular with divers who can explore underwater rocks, caves and the richness of the underwater world and attracts many visitors due to its unique natural beauty and preserved ecology. With sailing on a yacht, you will have an incredible experience of this natural phenomenon.

Telašica & Kornati
Telašica & Kornati
Day 7

Dugi otok

Dugi otok is an island of contrasts, picturesque places, lush vegetation, enchanting cliffs and beautiful bays and beaches. One of the interesting attractions is the Veli Rat lighthouse, which was built in 1849 and is the highest lighthouse on the Adriatic at 42 meters. It is surrounded by a pine forest, a beautiful bay and a pebble beach where you can enjoy the whole day. Not far from the lighthouse is the wreck of the ship Michelle, which ran aground here in 1983. On the southwest coast of the island, parallel to the town of Brbinj, there is a beautiful bay of Brbinjščica, which hides an equally wonderful beach. It is surrounded by rocks and numerous caves and is one of the safest bays on the island towards the open sea. On Dugi otok you can also find natural phenomena. It is about the Dragon's Eye, which at first glance looks like a pool in a rock. It is actually a stone that was created by wearing away limestone, and when you dive in, you will see that it hides all kinds of passages. Among other things, it is possible to dive through the rock that separates the 'pool' from the sea. Near the Dragon's Eye there is another natural phenomenon - the Golubinka cave. You can enter it by swimming or kayaking, and once you are in it, you will be left breathless. There is an opening at the top of the cave, so when the sun's rays come through, you will enjoy a wonderful spectrum of colors in the impressive interior of the cave. Dugi otok is the perfect destination for a yacht tour during which you can explore all the special charms of this place.

Dugi otok, Croatia
Dugi otok, Croatia

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