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Yacht Charter Croatia services

Among the offers of our Yacht Charter, you can choose how you want to spend your vacation while sailing on the Adriatic Sea. Whether you are an experienced skipper or want a carefree trip free from the worries and responsibilities of a yacht, our fleet offers Bareboat and Skippered yacht charter options.

Package #1

Bareboat Yacht Charter

For independent sailors, eager for adventure, we offer the Bareboat Charter option. With this service, you create the possibility to take control of our elegant vessel. With the high-quality equipment of the yacht, we offer you safe and flexible navigation during your freedom to explore hidden bays, islands and coasts.

Package #2

Skippered Yacht Charter

For those who want to enjoy luxury and comfort without worrying about the maintenance, responsibility and management of the yacht, we offer the Skippered Charter service. Our skippers will provide you with an unforgettable journey, introducing you to the most beautiful destinations, local culture and recommendations.