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Skippered Yacht Charter

If you have decided to rent a yacht with a skipper while sailing around Croatia, your skipper will join you when boarding. You will be with you throughout the entire charter and during this time you will take care of your safety, pleasure, wishes and the preservation of the yacht while you enjoy your dream vacation.

Skippered Yacht Charter Croatia
Skippered Yacht Charter Croatia

Who is a professional skipper?

A professional skipper is a person who has the skills and experience, as well as all the necessary official qualifications to manage a yacht. Excellent knowledge of navigation, including working with nautical charts, has safety rules at sea, understands meteorological conditions, knows knowledge of first aid, has the skill of organization and communication with people, creating a positive atmosphere. Additionally, he takes care of the ship, the people on board and all other details important for safe and smooth sailing.


What does renting a yacht with a skipper mean?

Skippered yacht charter is a charter where you arrange for a professional skipper to manage the yacht for you. This service is ideal for anyone who has no experience in managing a yacht and those who want to spend their vacation carefree, relaxing on the waves of the Adriatic Sea with their family or friends.


What do you need to know before renting a yacht with a skipper?

If you are planning to charter a skippered yacht, it is important to keep in mind several important aspects that you should consider. It is advisable to communicate with the skipper in advance to share your wishes and expectations, discuss the destinations, routes and activities you want to include in your yacht sailing. Find out about additional services that you could book in advance, and set a clear budget that includes not only the yacht charter but also other additional costs.


Why is renting a yacht with a skipper ideal for exploring Croatia?

The skippers have rich experience and local knowledge about the destinations you will visit. In addition, they will advise you about the places that interest you, be it rocky and clear bays, sandy and untouched beaches, Croatian cultural heritage, tradition, gastronomy, or they will tell you about places with the best nightlife. Open communication with the skipper is important so that you can fully enjoy his presence during your trip. If you do not want the skipper to be with you at all times during the tour of the destinations, the skipper will adapt to your wishes and respect your privacy.

Explore the best cruise destinations for yacht sailing with the crew in Croatia

  • Istria & Kvarner
  • Kvarner
  • Northern Dalmatia
  • Kvarner & Northern Dalmatia
  • Central Dalmatia
  • Central & Southern Dalmatia

Yacht Charter Croatia services

Among the offers of our Yacht Charter, you can choose how you want to spend your vacation while sailing on the Adriatic Sea. Whether you are an experienced skipper or want a carefree trip free from the worries and responsibilities of a yacht, our fleet offers Bareboat and Skippered yacht charter options.

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Bareboat Yacht Charter

For independent sailors, eager for adventure, we offer the Bareboat Charter option. With this service, you create the possibility to take control of our elegant vessel. With the high-quality equipment of the yacht, we offer you safe and flexible navigation during your freedom to explore hidden bays, islands and coasts.